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5 January 2018


Steam Cost Trail Storm Damage Update

It's not as bad as it looks! We knew this would happen a few times per year. We've got some money set aside for restorative work, but the more help we can get the longer the money will last! A digger is planned to do the heavy lifting on Friday 5th Jan. Volunteers assembling on Saturday.


Volunteers: Thanks very much for everybody who has stepped forwards so far! Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for a 10am Saturday 6th Jan clean-up. Bring your own gloves and/or shovels and/or bin bags. Limited parking at Blue Anchor. Free parking at Dunster Beach, thanks very much to Dunster Beach Holidays!



4 January 2018

There are no flood warnings in place for Dunster Beach this morning. Flood Warning Information Service


09.07–Ruth has walked the site this morning and reports: All OK out there. Still quite windy, Environment Agency here walking the site too & don't think we are in any imminent danger.



2/3 January 2018


There is an ongoing inspection of the beach site. Any further news will be posted here as soon as possible.


Flood Warning Information Service


09.21–Gail Everett has been to DB and reports that the carpark and road is partly flooded but otherwise all is fine.


09.25–Site walk reveals carpark and road flooded. Some debris and rocks on the berm, thrown up by the sea. Few small trees down in the woods and a lot of debris about. No evidence of any damage to Chalets, the power is on at the site and all OK. (Ruth reporting with wet feet!)


14.30–The office report that the weather has calmed. There is still a lot of water around but no damage reported to any Chalets or property.


16.30–Message from Brett Bates, Owner.

We're at the beach now, had a good walk around and all appears well with both the site and chalets. The sea did breach at the car park end which was a little flooded, but doesn't appear to have reached any chalets. To put all your minds at rest there is nothing to worry about.



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