Things to do at Dunster Beach

Whether you are just visiting us at Dunster Beach or staying at one of our great Chalets here are some things to do or occupy the children while you relax – which is what Dunster Beach is very good at.


For the more adventurous have a look at our Useful links page and find some local attractions, many within walking distance. On the doorstep of Exmoor adventure is never far away.


Dunster Beach Detective Books

Dunster Detective is a game which gets children looking for all sorts of plants, animals and objects both at the beach, the nature trail and out on your visits elsewhere.


Ideal for parents who want a quiet holiday! There are seven books in the series, all available from the shop:

Things that have fur or wool

Things that have wheels

Things that crawl, hop & slither

Things that swim or float

Things that line the shore

Things that fly

Things that flower or fruit

Nature Trail and Woodland Walk

During your visit or stay at Dunster Beach don't miss a trip around our Nature Trail and Woodland Walk.


The walk is about half a mile along flat pathways and bridges around the lakes which are full of different bird life – don't forget your camera.


Duck feed is available from the main central shop which is a great starting point for the walk. Why not take the Dunster Detective books with you and see what you can find!

Anyone for Tennis?

Between the shop and the lakes we have our very own tennis court. This is available to hire and can be booked at the shop.


Half an hour – £1.75; An hour – £3.50; Tennis rackets and ball hire – £1.00.

Please note there is a £5 refundable deposit for the tennis court key.

Dunster Beach Putting Green

Great fun for all the family the Putting Green is open all summer and is accessed directly from the main carpark at the entrance to Dunster Beach.


Putters, ball and score cards are available from the Kiosk in the main carpark at just £1.50 for adults & 75p per child.

Local Walks

We have a range of local walks, most passing through Dunster Beach, available for purchase in the Shop.

Stargazing in 'Dark Skies' at Dunster Beach

No, we don't mean Dark Skies as cloudy and miserable... What we mean is that Dunster Beach is a really great place to lay back on a rug and stare at the stars. There is very minimal light pollution here which makes it an ideal spot for stargazing.


It is a great activity for all the family and an education too. You may even see the International Space Station wiz across the sky.

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