Our team

Dunster Beach Holidays Ltd employs a team of committed and experienced employees. Holiday makers and Owners are indebted to their hard work to keep everything running smoothly and the whole place so nice.


Allow us to introduce some of them to you:

Ruth Arnold

Assistant Manager


Ruth joined Dunster Beach Holidays in 2016 and has been holding the fort over the busy summer months with Kait.

Kait Ellis

Assistant Manager


Kait joined the company in 2017 and has been getting to grips with 'Beach Life'. A hectic office environment especially during the main holiday season. She works closely with Ruth.

Mark, Colin and Dave

Grounds Maintenance and Caretaker


Mark has been working hard at the Beach since May 2006 and Colin since September 2010. The ground staff not only look after all the site, lakes and woodland walks but also take care of all the winter flood defences.


Dave joined as Caretaker in April 2004 and, among other things, looks after all the shower blocks etc. on the site.


During the summer they are all here most days and can be contacted via the office if you have any questions about the Beach.

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