For Sale Chalet 219



This chalet is positioned at the heart of the site, on the back row in a sheltered, quiet position on the far edge of the Hawn lake with a large grassy area behind that drops down to the reed beds below, where, for the past two years, a pair of herons have raised their young in one of the trees within viewing distance of the back patio.  


The chalet is within easy walking distance of the woodland walks around the Hawn and close to all site amenities – office, shop, café and recycling centre.


The chalet is paved front and back with rail style fencing at the front and panelling at the back.  UPV double glazed windows throughout with a solid wood stable-style front door and fully glazed double doors to the rear.  It is wooden clad which was externally repainted in 2018.  The roof was replaced with a tile effect one in 2014 and is judged to have a life span of at least 20 years.  Both kitchen and bathroom were refitted in 2018 and the chalet was internally refurbished at the same time.  


The bedroom is on the left on entering the chalet with two single beds and the kitchen to the right with the toilet/washroom behind.  Both the kitchen and washroom were re-fitted in 2018.  There is no shower but there is a well-maintained shower block just behind the chalet that is open all year round. The main living area is light and airy and the rear of the chalet gets the benefit of the full sun in the afternoons and early evenings and is sheltered from the worst of the weather in the Winter months.


The chalet is being sold complete with all fixtures and fittings so if the new owner wished to let, everything is in place to continue doing so. As it is currently let during the season, if sold with any bookings, the owners would make it a condition of sale that they were honoured.


It is on the market at £123,000 but open to reasonable offers.


In addition to the negotiated selling price, certain fees would be due from the purchaser payable to Dunster Beach Holidays, these are: £50+VAT which covers the Licence Agreement Fee and we also request 1.5% of the purchase price plus VAT; this is a buy-in figure that is payable to Dunster Beach Holidays Ltd.


Arrangements for Viewing

To view the property or for further information, please contact the Site Office on 01643 821296 or email  Please be aware viewings are limited to times when there are no guests in the chalet.

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